Fresh tongue, 1, Seeded raisins, 1 cup, Brown sugar, 1 pint, Lemons, 2, Allspice, 12 grains, Peppercorns, 12, Salt, 1 teaspoon, Mace, 1 teaspoon, Nutmeg, 1 teaspoon, Vinegar, 2 tablespoons.

Boil the tongue 2 hours, and leave it in the water until perfectly cold. Skin it and rub it with salt and ground spices, mace, and nutmeg. Put it back into the water where it was boiled, add the sliced lemons, raisins, sugar, and allspice. Stew slowly 1 hour, and then put in the vinegar.

Serve cold, garnished with parsley. This is most palatable and can be served at luncheon, or for late supper, or with a salad.