Oxalic acid may be used in the same manner as javelle water to remove stains, unless they are very deep-seated. It is prepared as follows:

Crystals of oxalic acid, 2 ounces, Water, 1 gill.

Place the oxalic acid crystals in a bottle, add the water, and shake frequently until many of the crystals have dissolved, which may not, possibly, be before 12 hours. If the crystals are small it may be less. Then strain off the solution, 1 gill of which put into a gallon of water if the acid is to be used for a general bleach for clothes that have been made yellow by being long put away. But even in this case the clothes must be well wet before being put into the acid bath.

To use for taking out stains, add a gill of the solution to a pint of water, and the spot to be removed is touched with it, the same as with javelle water.

Both javelle water and oxalic acid are poison, and the bottles should be so labeled. They should not be used if there are abrasions on the hands.