Peanuts, 1 cup, Granulated sugar, 1 pint.

Roast, shell, and blanch the peanuts. Put the sugar in a frying-pan, place on a moderate fire. Add no water, or any kind of liquid. Stir often with a metal spoon, or one of agateware. As the sugar heats it will at first lump, then as it grows hotter will gradually melt.

Do not let the syrup turn darker than weak coffee; and in stirring be careful not to allow it to splash on the skin, as it makes a painful burn.

When melted, and pale brown, stir in the nuts, then turn out quickly into a flat well-greased pan, resting in cold water.

Pound out the mixture as thin as possible, and put aside in a cold place to harden before breaking the candy into pieces.