Root-beer extract (Williams'), 1 bottle,

Compressed yeast cake, 1,

Sugar, 3 cups,

Warm water, 8 quarts,


Dissolve the yeast cake in 1 cup of the warm water, mix with the sugar, and extract, and a little salt. Then add the warm water, and bottle it.

Set the bottles in a warm place for 12 hours, and then put them in a cool place.

To make orange-soda, or lemon-soda, substitute for the root-beer extract the juice of either a dozen lemons, or a dozen oranges. The fruits must be ripe. Orange-soda will require less sugar than lemon-soda.

For strawberry or raspberry flavor, take the desired quantity of fruit, crush, strain the juice, boil for 10 minutes, let it cool, and use this for the beverage in same manner as was used the root extract for root-beer.

Sarsaparilla, and vanilla extracts may be employed in the same manner as was the root extract.