Use white lettuce leaves, celery, and red tomatoes. Wash and dry the lettuce, cut the celery into small lengths, shave these lengthwise, and place in cold water to curl the shavings.

Scald the tomatoes for a few moments, then cool, but do not remove the skins. From the stem side of each, remove a square plug, taking care to leave 1-8-inch or 1-16-inch below the portion removed. Then, commencing at the edges of the square, cut through the skin of the tomato, in rose-shaped leaves, and roll them backward.

Fill the square with a Japanese salad dressing, or with mayonnaise. Place in the center of a plate on a bed of lettuce leaves, and around it, put a circle of the curled celery.

Chop blanched pecans, or almonds, and sprinkle a teaspoon of this like pollen, over the top of the tomato.