In case of colic - Apply to the abdomen a large square of house flannel which has been dipped into boiling water and wrung out by twisting it in a towel. After twisting or wringing, the flannel should be given one shake, folded into a light soft pad, and applied, and covered with waterproof, or thick flannel.

Headache, or neuralgia - The same kind of application to the nape of the neck, and to the forehead, gives great relief, no matter to what specific cause the headache may be due.

Lumbago - Thick flannel wrung out of boiling water will also assuage lumbago. When applied for this purpose the flannel should be changed every 10 or 15 minutes, having the fresh one wrung out and ready to go on, before the other one comes off.

Constipation - This may in many cases be cured without the use of drugs, by drinking a hot tumbler of water every night before going to bed, and another tumbler, next morning, half an hour or so, before breakfast.

Indigestion - A small tumbler of hot water, drank half an hour before dinner, is frequently of great service to sufferers from indigestion. The same, taken shortly after meals, is often found beneficial.

Sprains and strains - The very best thing to relieve the pain of a sprain is to immediately envelope the injured part in a piece of thick flannel which has been wrung out of boiling water.

Fomentations of this kind should be kept up until the pain lessens.

Sleeplessness - Give hot spinal douches - that is, pouring hot water down the spine from a jug, or a big sponge. These douches are of more value for the cure of sleeplessness than sleeping draughts, for they cannot do harm, and in most cases soothe the nerves, draw blood from the brain, and induce sleep.

Convulsions - The immediate treatment of convulsions in young children is a hot bath - not too hot, remember. You should be able to bear your own elbow quite comfortably in the water. The elbow is much more sensitive than the hand and can therefore, better test the heat, if a bath thermometer be not at hand. If a bath thermometer is obtainable let the temperature of water be not over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overstoutness - The drinking of hot water, combined with a diet from which farinaceous foods, sugar, potatoes, and beer are eliminated, does much toward reducing a too superabundant amount of fat. The water should be taken in this manner:

Take from 1/2 pint to 1 pint in the morning, either in bed, or while dressing; and take the same quantity an hour and a half before each meal, and half an hour before bedtime.

The water should not be gulped down, but slowly sipped; taking from 5 to 15 minutes to drink - it can be rewarmed during the drinking, if necessary. By taking it in this manner uncomfortable distention is avoided. It is best to begin with a smaller quantity, and increase as it is found to agree.