Spinach, 2 quarts,

Onion, small, 1,

Rolls of bread, 2,

Eggs, 6,

Sweetbreads, 1 (or ham may be used),

Milk, salt and pepper,

Butter, 2 heaping tablespoons.

Put the spinach in boiling water, salted, and after it has wilted cool it and wring it out, and chop fine with 1 small onion. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Soak the 2 rolls in milk, then press out the milk and cook the bread with the butter, and then mix it with the spinach.

When cool add the yolks of the eggs, and 1 blanched and chopped sweetbread, or the same amount of chopped ham. Then add the beaten whites of the eggs, and put into a mold and boil for 1 hour.

Serve it with melted butter sauce, or with a mushroom sauce.

This is enough for 8 or 10 persons.