Chicken, large, 1,

Butter, 1/4 cup,

Onions, 2,

Tomatoes, 1 can,

Olives, stoned and minced, 1 cup,

Green peppers, 1,

Peas, 1 can,

French mushrooms, 1 can,

Salt, pepper, flour.

Select a large fowl. Joint it, and cut each joint in half, wipe each piece carefully, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roll in flour. Put into a large pot the butter; and when it is melted and hot, lay in the pieces of chicken.

Brown each piece of chicken lightly on both sides, remove, and spread them on a dish. Stir into the butter that is in the pot the two chopped onions and cook them for a minute, and then put in the tomatoes, the olives, the pepper, and onion juice to suit the taste.

Simmer for 10 minutes, then lay in the chicken and pour over it enough cold water to cover well. Put a closely fitting lid on the pot, and set it where the contents will simmer but not boil hard. Cook till the meat of the chicken can be easily pierced with a fork, then add the peas from which the liquor has been drained, and the mushrooms. Simmer for 15 minutes longer, thicken with butter and browned flour, and pour into a deep dish lined with triangles of crisp toast.