Watermelon (medium size), 1,

Vinegar, 1 quart,

Brown sugar, 3 pounds,

Alum, 1 ounce,

Stick cinnamon, 1 ounce,

Whole cloves, 1/2 ounce.

Only the rind of the watermelon will be used. Pare it, and cut the rind into thick slices. Boil the alum in a gallon of water, and pour it over the sliced rind, letting it stand on the back of the stove for half a day. Remove it from the alum water, and let it lie in cold water until cold, then drain it.

Have ready the vinegar, sugar, and spices, and boil the sugar and vinegar together, and strain; then add the spices and the rind to the vinegar and sugar, and boil all together, until the rind is soft.

For peaches and pears, use the same proportion of sugar and vinegar, but not quite so much spice as is used for the watermelon rind.