Sweetbreads, 1 pair,

Fat pork,

Tongue, 1/2 pound (cold, boiled),

Onion, 1/2,

Eggs, 3,

Parsley, bread-crumbs,


Salt and pepper.

Parboil the sweetbreads for 5 minutes, then trim off the string and pipe. Lard them well with strips of fat pork, about the size of a match, and fry them a light brown, in butter.

Chop the tongue and sweetbreads fine, mix them well together, grate the half of an onion and chop a few sprigs of parsley, and add them, with salt and pepper to the rest.

Then add the yolks of the eggs, beaten light, to some of the gravy that the sweetbreads have been cooked in, and thoroughly mix together.

When cool and firm, shape into croquettes, dip them into the egg, and then into bread-crumbs, and fry in smoking hot butter or lard until a golden brown.

Lay them on brown paper to drain, and serve with French canned peas, while still hot.