Flour, 1 cup, Eggs, 2,

Butter, 1 tablespoon, Salt, 1/2 teaspoon.

Separate the whites and yolks of the eggs, and beat the yolks smooth. Add a cup of cold water and the sifted flour, and also the butter - olive oil may be used if butter is not at hand.

Add also the salt and stir well, then heat the mixture hard. Next whip the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and add them to the batter, and heat it again, and then put it aside, and let it cool overnight.

Immerse the timbale iron in smoking fat until it is very hot, then lift it up, and let it drain for a second, and dip it carefully into the batter until a layer of batter adheres to it; then plunge it into the fat and hold it there till the batter is delicately colored. Hold it over a paper and tap it sharply with a knife, and the cup will fall off. If the cup is too thick then thin the batter.

When the timbale cups are needed for use for fish, stand them on a paper pan and reheat them in the oven. Then fill the cups with any kind of fish, heated with a cream sauce, seasoned with lemon juice, etc. Put a pinch of parsley on each cup when filled.