Tomatoes, 1/2 can, Cloves, 3, Gelatin, 1/4 box, Salt, 1 teaspoon, Paprika, 1 salt-spoon, Bay leaf, 1/2, Celery, finely cut, Lettuce leaves, English walnuts Mayonnaise.

Place in a stewpan the tomatoes, cloves, salt, paprika, and a half of a bay leaf, and cook for 15 minutes. Add then one-fourth of a box of gelatin, which has been softened in a half-cup of cold water, and stir till the gelatin is dissolved, then strain into a border mold.

When firm, turn it out on a bed of lettuce leaves, and fill the center with finely cut celery, and broken English-walnut meats, moistened with mayonnaise, or with a boiled dressing.