Tomatoes, about 12, Onion-juice, 1 teaspoon, Sugar, 1 teaspoon, Gelatin, 1/4 package, Whole cloves, 2, Bay leaf, 1.

Stew the tomatoes till soft, then strain through a bag, without squeezing. There should be about 1 pint of the juice. Put the juice over the fire, add the strained onion-juice, a bay leaf, and 2 whole cloves.

Bring to a boil, and skim, and strain again. Boil up a third time, and stir into the liquid, while it is still on the fire, the half-package of gelatin, which has been soaking for an hour in a cupful of cold water.

Wet a mold, and pour in the aspic. Set it away to form. It is useful to serve with lettuce as a dressing, or alone with a mayonnaise, or as a garnish with cold chicken, lamb, etc.

If formed in small cups, or plate-molds, it is a pretty accompaniment to lettuce, and is as palatable as it is pretty.