Tongue, 1, fresh, Sweetbreads, 1 pair, Forced meat-balls, 1 dozen, Sherry, 1 wine-glass, Flour, 1 tablespoon,

Butter, 1 tablespoon, Mushrooms, or champignons, Salt and pepper.

Cook the tongue with a good beef-bone, and a soup bunch. This should be done the day previous, and the tongue allowed to cool in the stock in which it has been cooked.

Brown the flour and butter in a pan and add to this a pint of the stock in which the tongue has been cooked. Skin the tongue and cut it into small pieces. Also cut up the sweetbreads, which have been previously boiled. Put these and the mushrooms into the brown sauce, and add the forced-meat balls, and the sherry.

(The forced-meat balls are made of bread-crumbs, marrow, and chopped parsley, or they may be made of chopped sausage and a little egg.)

Put all together in a large stewpan, and let it get thoroughly heated. Serve in a large dish, or in individual patties.