Olive oil,

Chopped meat,



Salt and pepper.

Cut the eggplant in slices, cover with salt, weight it, to draw out the bitter juice. At end of 2 hours, fry in oil, arrange in layers around the sides of a cooking-pot. Lay some of the slices one side. Fry in the same dripping; the chopped meat and onion. Put a layer of the meat and onion on top of the sliced eggplant in the saucepan. Next should come a few slices of fresh tomatoes, seasoning all with pepper and salt. Over this put the other layer of slices of eggplant, then more meat and tomato, and so on, until all the ingredients are used.

Add a little stock, or hot water to partially cover, put on the lid, and cook gently on top of the stove, until the water is almost gone.