This celebrated punch is made from a stock, which can be kept in bottles, and at any time will produce an excellent punch by the addition of soda-water or champagne and ice, and is very useful in that it can be prepared on the spur of the moment. In making the stock, care should be used that the tea should not be drawn long enough before using to become bitter. When the stock has been made it should be tightly bottled, and placed in a comparatively cool place. The following is the composition of the stock:

Jamaica rum, 1 quart, Brandy, 1 quart, Strong black tea, 1 quart, Port wine, 1 quart, Lemons, 12, White sugar, 3 cups, Curacao, 1/2 pint.

Just before serving add 10 bottles of soda-water to 3 quarts of stock. Use plenty of ice.