Butter, 2 tablespoons,

Cornstarch, 3 level tablespoons,

Flour, 1 tablespoon,

Salt, 1/2 teaspoon,

Chopped veal, 1 cup,

Soft bread-crumbs, 1/4 cup,

Eggs, 3,

Hot milk, or stock, 1 cup.

Make a sauce of the butter, cornstarch, milk, and seasoning, salt and pepper to taste, and when cooked and smooth, beat well and add the chopped veal and bread-crumbs. Remove from the fire, add the yolks of the eggs, well-beaten, and stir in the whites beaten stiffly.

Place it in a buttered dish, standing in a pan of hot water, bake in a moderate oven 30 minutes, and serve with mushroom-sauce made as follows:

Butter, 4 level tablespoons, Carrot, 1 slice, Onion, 1 slice,

Cornstarch, 3 level tablespoons, Flour, 1 tablespoon, Veal-stock, 2 cups, Salt, pepper, bay leaf, Mushrooms, chopped, 1 cup, Kitchen bouquet.

Melt the butter, to which add the carrot, onion, and half a bay leaf, and 1 sprig of parsley, and cook for 5 minutes, then add the cornstarch and flour, season with salt and pepper to taste, and gradually add 2 cups of the stock in which the veal was cooked, and cook again for 5 minutes. Strain the sauce, reheat, and add 1/2 teaspoon of kitchen bouquet, and the cup of chopped mushrooms.

Serve the veal souffle with this sauce from a gravy boat.