Roast lamb (hot or cold) - Serve mint sauce, French salad, new potatoes, cut cucumber.

Braised lamb - Serve peas, young carrots, and turnips.

Roast veal - Serve thick brown gravy, rolled bacon, tomato sauce, horseradish sauce, quarters of lemon, forced-meat balls, French beans.

Stewed veal -Serve parsley sauce, cooked carrots and turnips cut in dice or small balls, peas.

Calf's head (boiled)Serve parsley sauce, croutons.

Fricasseed veal - Serve sippets of toast, slices of lemon, rolls of bacon, pickle.

Roast pork - Serve sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, thick brown gravy, piquante sauce, turnips.

Grilled pork cutlets - Serve mustard sauce, fried potatoes.

Baked ham - Serve orange salad, Madeira sauce.

Boiled ham - Serve champagne sauce, puree of spinach, horseradish.

Roast saddle of mutton - Serve red currant jelly, cranberry jelly, baked potatoes.

Boiled mutton - Serve parsley, caper sauce, carrots and turnips, leeks.

Mutton cutlets - Serve mashed potatoes, brown sauce, or tomato sauce, green peas, sorrel sauce, strips of truffle, gherkins, ham.

Roast neck of mutton - Serve braised carrots.

Grilled breast of mutton - Serve brown sauce, caper sauce, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms.

Roast loin of mutton - Serve brown sauce, caper sauce, piquante sauce, baked potatoes.

Grilled mutton kidneys - Serve potato chips, maitre d'hotel butter, grilled tomatoes.

Stewed mutton kidneys - Serve croutons, grilled mushrooms.

Roast beef - Serve horseradish sauce, Yorkshire pudding, tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms.

Stewed fillet of beef - Serve macaroni, or spaghetti.

Roast turkey - Serve cranberry jelly.

Grilled steak or grilled fillet of beef - Serve maitre d'hotel butter, fried potatoes, horseradish, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, fried onions, mushroom sauce, champagne sauce.