Indian Meal Mush

1 cup corn meal.

teaspoonful salt.

1 cup cold milk. 1 pint boiling water.

Mix the meal and salt with the cold milk. Stir this gradually into the boiling water. Cook half an hour in a double boiler, stirring often.

Graham Mush

Mix half a cup of Graham, flour and half a teaspoon-ful of salt. Make it into a thin smooth paste with a little cold water. Stir it into one pint of boiling water. Cook twenty minutes, stirring often. Serve with cream.

Rye Mush is made in the same manner, and sometimes served with molasses.

Gluten Mush

Use one cup of gluten to one pint of boiling water, and cook as above. Being destitute of starch, it will not thicken like Rye Mush.

Brain Food. (Health Food Co.)

Wet one cup of Brain Food in a little cold water, and stir it into one quart of salted boiling water. Cook over hot water one to two hours. Eat, hot or cold, with sugar and cream.

Rice Water Or Jelly

2 tablespoonfuls rice. 1 quart cold water.

Salt and sugar to taste.

Pick over and wash the rice, and cook in water one hour, or till the rice is dissolved. Add salt and sugar to taste. If intended for jelly, add lemon juice and strain into a mould. When cold, serve with sugar and cream. If to be used as a drink, add more hot water, enough to make a thin liquid, and boil longer. Add half a square inch of stick cinnamon, and strain. Serve hot or cold.

Rice is easily digested and almost wholly assimilated it is good in diarrhoea or dysentery.

Tapioca Jelly

cup pearl tapioca. 1 pint cold water. 1 saltspoonful salt.

1 tablespoonfui lemon juice. 1 heaping tablespoonful sugar.

Pick over and wash the tapioca. Add the cold water, and cook in a double boiler until entirely dissolved. Then add the salt, lemon juice, and sugar. Turn into a mould. Serve with sugar and cream. Half a cup of strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry jam or currant jelly may be used in place of lemons.

Irish Moss Jelly

cup Irish moss. 1 pint boiling water.

1 lemon.

1/3 cup sugar.

Soak the moss in cold water until soft. Pick over and wash again. Then put it into the boiling water, and simmer until it is dissolved. Add the lemon juice and sugar. Strain into a mould. Use currant jelly in place of lemon, or steep four or five figs with the moss.

Sea mosses contain bromine and iodine, and are useful in rheumatic affections. Iceland moss may be used in the same manner. This, when dried, contains more starch than potatoes, and more flesh food than oatmeal or corn.

Bestorative. Jelly

box gelatine.

1 cup port wine.

1 tablesp. powdered gum arabic.

2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice.

3 tablespoonfuls sugar. 2 cloves.

Put all together in a glass jar, and cover closely. Place the jar on a trivet in a kettle of cold water. Heat it slowly, and when the mixture is dissolved, stir well and strain. Pour into a shallow dish, and when cool cut it into small squares. This is good for an old person or a very weak patient.