Broiled Steak

Wipe, trim off the superfluous fat, and remove the bone. Save the flank end for broiled meat cakes. Grease the gridiron with some of the fat. Broil over a clear fire, turning every ten seconds. Cook three or four minutes, if liked rare; longer, if well done. Serve on a hot platter. Season with butter, salt, and pepper, or serve with Maitre d'Hotel butter. Steaks should be cut at least an inch thick. Many prefer them much thicker. Sirloin, cross cut of the rump, and top of the round are all good steaks. The round is juicy, but has a net work of tough white fibre, which makes it difficult to masticate. If the steak be very tough, pound it with a meat hammer (a hammer with sharp teeth for cutting) or cut across it several times with a sharp knife on each side. The intense heat will sear the surface quickly, and prevent the escape of the juices.

Many prefer not to remove the bone in a sirloin steak; but it burns quickly, and is better for the soup kettle if not cooked, and the steak is more easily carved when the bone is removed. Carve in narrow slices, giving each person a bit of tenderloin, fat, and upper part.

Broiled Fillet Of Beef

Cut slices from the tenderloin. Wipe the meat; grease the gridiron; broil over a clear fire, turning every ten counts, for three or five minutes. Spread with Maitre d'Hotel butter.

Broiled Meat Cakes

Chop lean, raw beef quite fine. Season with salt, pepper, and a little chopped onion, or onion juice. Make it into small flat cakes, and broil on a well-greased gridiron or on a hot frying-pan. Serve very hot with butter or Maitre d'Hôtel sauce. The flank end of the sirloin is better when cooked in this manner than when broiled with the other part of the steak.

Hamburgh Steak

Pound a slice of round steak enough to break the fibre. Fry two or three onions, minced fine, in butter until slightly browned. Spread the onions over the meat, fold the ends of the meat together, and pound again, to keep the onions in the middle. Broil two or three minutes. Spread with butter, salt, and pepper.