The leaves should be green and fresh, and the heads creamy white. When there are dark spots, the cauliflower is wilted. Pick off the outside leaves, soak in cold salted water, top downwards, for one hour, to cleanse it thoroughly. Tie it in a twine bag, to prevent breaking. Cook in boiling salted water fifteen or twenty minutes, or until tender. If not boiled in a bag, remove the scum before it settles on the cauliflower. Serve in a shallow dish, and cover with a cream or Hollandaise sauce. Or add a little grated cheese, and cover with cracker crumbs moistened in melted butter, and bake until the crumbs are brown. Or when cold, serve as a salad with Mayonnaise dressing. Cauliflower may be cut in small pieces, and served as ft garnish around broiled chicken or sweetbreads.


Select a small heavy cabbage. Remove the outside leaves, cut into quarters, cut off the tough stalk, soak in cold salted water half an hour. Cook till tender in boiling salted water, changing the water twice. Drain, cut or chop fine, season with salt and butter, or cover with white sauce and buttered crumbs, and bake till the crumbs are brown.

The cauliflower and cabbage contain more gluten, and are therefore more nutritious, than any other vegetable food. They should be eaten with fat and oily food, and require an acid, like lemon juice or vinegar, as a condiment. Cabbage is considered indigestible, and many boil with it a small piece of red pepper to counteract this effect. If the water in which cabbage is boiled be changed two or three times, less of the strong odor and flavor is retained. With proper treatment this vegetable may be served as temptingly as any other. It is more wholesome when served in its raw state as a salad than when cooked.


Scrape clean, and cut the stalks into inch pieces; cook in boiling salted water half an hour, or until tender. Drain and mix with a white sauce; or dip them in fritter batter, and fry in hot fat. Celery is usually eaten raw, as a salad, but is more digestible when cooked. Celery is particularly good for nervous or rheumatic people.