Pour boiling water over them, and remove the skins. Put them in boiling salted water. When they have boiled five minutes, change the water, and change again after ten minutes. Boil half an hour, or until tender, but not until broken. Drain off the water, add milk enough to cover, and cook five or ten minutes longer. Season with butter, salt, and pepper. Serve plain or as a garnish for beef. Or omit the seasoning, and pour white sauce over them.

Baked Or Scalloped Onions

Boil, and if large cut into quarters. Put into a shallow dish, cover with white sauce and buttered crumbs, and bake until the crumbs are brown.

Onions are rich in flesh-forming elements, are soothing to the mucous membrane, and are otherwise medicinal. They impart an agreeable flavor to many kinds of food.