If the shell be soft, pare the squash, remove the seeds, and steam or cook in boiling salted water. If the shell be hard, split the squash, remove the seeds, and steam or boil until soft. Scrape out the soft part from the shell, mash, and season to taste. A pint of squash needs one tablespoonful of butter, a few grains of pepper, half a teaspoonful of sugar, and salt to taste. Squash may be baked in the shell, then mashed, and seasoned as above.

Summer Squashes are good only when young, fresh, and tender. Wash, and cut into quarters or small pieces. The skin and seeds need not be removed. Cook in boiling salted water twenty minutes, or until tender. Place the squash in a strainer cloth, mash it thoroughly, squeeze the cloth until the squash is dry. Add a little cream or butter, salt and pepper, and heat again before serving.