Coffee Cream With Junket

Warm one pint of milk to blood heat. Dissolve in it one tablespoon of sugar and a saltspoon of salt. Flavor with one teaspoon of coffee extract or one tablespoon of black or very strong coffee. Remove from the fire and stir in quickly one junket tablet, then pour into a dish suitable for serving and place it on ice until ready to serve. To be eaten with sugar and cream.

Fruit Souffle With Junket

Put into a bowl one heaping cup of fresh, whole strawberries or raspberries, those without any hard cores or spots are to be preferred. Sprinkle over them one cup of powdered sugar and add the unbeaten white of one egg. Beat with a perforated wooden spoon or a silver fork, slowly at first until the berries are broken and mixed with the egg and sugar, then rapidly and continuously until the mass is stiff enough to hold its shape. It takes about half an hour, so do not attempt it until you are blessed with the time and strength. When it is stiff, place it in the ice chest until ready to serve. Dissolve one tablespoon of sugar and one saltspoon of salt in one pint of fresh warm milk. Then stir in quickly one junket tablet and turn at once into a deep glass dish. When firm and cold, pile the fruit souffle lightly on the surface.

Hot Chocolate Sauce, with Arrowroot. For Ice Cream

Put into a saucepan one cup of water, one-half cup of sugar, one-half inch bit of stick cinnamon, and one ounce or square of chocolate melted over hot water and mixed with one-half cup of milk. When boiling, thicken with one tablespoon of arrowroot wet in one-fourth cup of water. Stir as it thickens, and cook five minutes. Remove the cinnamon, add one teaspoon of vanilla, a little salt, and serve it hot. Pour a small portion over each slice of ice cream.

Plain Chocolate Sauce, No. 2

Melt four squares of chocolate over the teakettle, add four tablespoons of sugar, and stir till smooth. Add gradually one scant cup of hot wetter, and boil it slowly ten minutes. Then add one-half cup of cream.

Hot Chocolate Sauce, No. 3 with Eggs

Scald one pint of milk. Mix one-half cup of sugar, one slightly rounding tablespoon of cornstarch, and a dash of salt, and stir them into the hot milk. Cook in a double boiler about ten minutes. Melt one square of chocolate over hot water, add two tablespoons of powdered sugar and two tablespoons of hot water, stir till smooth, then combine it with the milk. Beat the yolks of two eggs with one-half cup of powdered sugar, and when well mixed, stir them into the cooked mixture, cook one minute, add one tablespoon of vanilla, and serve hot. This should 'be smooth and about as thick as cream, and if necessary add more hot milk and strain it before serving.

Chocolate Sauce, No. 4

Mix two cups of granulated sugar and two ounces of Ceylon chocolate, add four tablespoons of cream, one-half cup of water, and boil without stirring till it forms a soft ball in cold water. Pour it hot over the ice cream, and it will candy immediately.