Cheese Cakes

Line little patty pans with pastry, puff paste, or that which is quite rich. Make a cake after the recipe for Park Street cake, put a dessert spoonful of the cake batter on the paste, and then a teaspoonful of any kind of jelly, jam, or marmalade, with another dessert spoonful of the cake batter on the top. Bake in a quick oven and frost when done. This is a convenient way to use up any remnants of paste, cake batter, and jelly, when one does not care to make a large quantity of the cakes.

Fig Cake

1 cups sugar.

cup butter.

cup sweet milk. 1 cups flour.

1 tsp. baking-powder. cup cornstarch. 6 eggs, whites.

Bake in two layers, and fill with fig filling.

Fig Filling

1 lb figs.

cup sugar.

1 cup water.

Chop the figs, add the sugar and water, and stew until soft and smooth. Spread between the layers, and ice the whole cake with boiled icing.

Sour-Cream Cake

3 eggs. 2 cups sugar. tsp. salt. 1 tsp. lemon.

1 scant tsp. soda.

1 cup rich sour cream.

3 cups flour.

Beat the yolks until light and thick; add the sugar, the whites beaten stiff, the salt and lemon. Dissolve the soda in the cream, add the flour, and bake in a shallow pan.

Half And Half Cake

cup sugar. cup butter.

1 egg.

cup molasses. cup sour milk.

2 cups flour.

tsp. soda.

tsp. salt.

tbsp. mixed spice.

Mix soda, salt, and spice with the flour, cream the butter and sugar, add the beaten egg, the molasses, and sour milk, and then stir in the flour. Bake in a shallow pan about half an hour.

Black-Cap Cake

1 cup butter creamed. 1 cups sugar.

2 tbsp. molasses. 2 eggs.

cup sour milk.

2 cups flour.

1 tsp. soda.

tsp. each cinnamon and cloves. 1 cup each raisins and walnuts.

Mix in the order given, and bake in two shallow pans. Half lard and half butter may be used instead of all butter, in any cake with molasses.

Anise-Seed Wafers

Rub half a cup of butter till creamy, add one cup of fine granulated sugar, and when light beat in the yolks of three small eggs, one at a time. Beat the whites stiff, and add them with two cups of flour in alternation. Stir in one teaspoon of anise seed and enough more flour to enable you to roll it very thin. Cut into rounds and bake quickly. Anise seeds are used by the Germans and the Chinese as a flavoring in cake and sweet dishes. They are the fruit of seed of a small annual of the parsley family. A cordial or liquor is also prepared from them. They have an aromatic, agreeable odor and a warm sweetish taste.


1 cups sugar. cup butter. 2 eggs.

2 cups seedless raisins.

3 tbsp. milk.

1 teasp. soda.

1 teasp. each of spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Flour to roll.

Cream the butter and sugar, add the eggs well beaten, then the milk. Mix the soda and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove) with one cup of flour; add the raisins, which must be washed, boiled until tender in water to cover, and drained, cut in halves or chopped, and floured. Then add flour to roll about a quarter of an inch thick, cut out in fancy shapes and bake quickly.