Apple Johnny Cake (Without Eggs). (Mrs. Webb.)

1 pint white meal.

2 tablespoonfuls sugar. teaspoonful salt.

teaspoonful soda and

Mix in the order given thirty minutes.

1 teaspoonful cream of tartar, or 4 level teasp. baking-powder. Milk enough to mix quite soft. 3 apples, pared and sliced.

Bake in a shallow cake pan.

Corn Cake (Thin)

1 cup yellow corn meal. cup sugar. teaspoonful salt. 1 cup flour.

3 level teasp. baking-powder.

1 cup milk.

1 tablespoonful melted butter.

Mix in the order given, and bake in two Washington pie tins, spreading the mixture thick enough to half fill the pan.

Sponge Corn Cake (Sour Milk)

1 cup flour. cup corn meal. teaspoonful salt. teaspoonful soda. cup sugar.

Yolks of 2 eggs.

White of 1 egg.

1 tablespoonful butter, melted.

1 cup sour milk.

Bake in a shallow round pan or in a brickloaf pan. Use the other white of egg for clearing the coffee.

Sponge Corn Cake (Sweet Milk)

1 cup meal.

cup flour.

teaspoonful salt.

teaspoonful soda.

1 teaspoonful cream of tartar.

1 tablespoonful melted butter 1 tablespoonful sugar. Yolks of 2 eggs. White of 1 egg. 1 cup milk.1

Bake in brickloaf bread pan about half an hour.

3 level teaspoons baking-powder may be used instead of soda and cream of tartar.

Gold Medal Corncake

cup yellow gran corn meal.

1 cup flour. tsp. salt.

2 scant tsp. baking powder.

2 tbsp. sugar.

1 egg.

1 scant cup milk. 1 scant tbsp. butter melted.

Mix the corn meal, flour, salt, and baking powder thoroughly, beat the egg and add it to part of the milk, then add to the dry mixture, and add the butter last.

Bake in a hot oven twenty-five or thirty minutes.

Spider Corn Cake (Sour Milk). (Miss Parloa.)

cup corn meal. Flour to fill the cup. 1 tablespoonful sugar. teaspoonful salt. teaspoonful soda, scant.

1 egg.

1 cup sweet milk.

cup sour milk.

1 tablespoonful butter.

Mix the meal, flour, sugar, salt, and soda. Beat the egg: add half of the sweet milk, and all the sour milk. Stir this into the dry mixture. Melt the butter in a hot spider, or shallow round pan, and pour the mixture into it. Pour the other half cup of sweet milk over the top, but do not stir it in. Bake twenty minutes in a hot oven.

Fried Corn Meal Cakes. (Miss Ward.)

One pint of milk, poured boiling hot upon one cup of com meal; add one heaping tablespoonful of sugar, and half a teaspoonful of salt. Let it stand all night, or till well swollen; then add two eggs and half a cup of flour. Fry in hot lard.

Hominy And Corn Meal Cakes. (Mrs. S. S. Ropes.)

Mix two tablespoonfuls of fine, uncooked hominy, half a teaspoonful of salt, one tablespoonful of butter, half a cup of boiling water. Place this over the teakettle, or on the back of the stove until the hominy absorbs all the water. Pour one cup of boiling milk on one scant cup of corn meal; add two taolespoonfuls of sugar and the hominy. When cooled, add two eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately, and one heaping teaspoonful of baking-powder. Bake in hot, buttered gem pans twenty minutes.

Maryland Corn Cakes (Without Soda). (Mrs. Upham.)

Mix one cup of fine white sifted meal, one even table-spoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of sugar, one saltspoonful of salt. Add one scant cup of boiling milk. When cooled, add one egg, yolk and white beaten separately. Bake in stone cups about thirty minutes.

Dodgers, Dabs, Or Corn Meal Puffs (Without Soda). (Miss Alice Walcott.)

Two cups of fine white corn meal, scalded with boiling water so that the meal is all wet but not soft; add one teaspoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of sugar, half a tea-spoonful of salt, two or three tablespoonfuls of milk; when cold, add two eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately. The batter should drop easily from the spoon, not be thin enough to pour, nor stiff enough to be scraped out. Have your pans greased and hissing hot, and the oven as hot as possible. Bake until brown and puffy.

Indian Bannock (Without Soda). (A. W.)

1 cup corn meal. 1 teaspoonful sugar.

1 teaspoonful salt. 1 pint boiling milk.

When cool, add two eggs, beaten separately. Bake in a shallow earthen dish in a very hot oven, and serve in the dish, like a pudding.

Hoe Cake (Without Soda)

1 cup white corn meal.

teaspoonful salt.

1 teaspoonful sugar (if you like).

Boiling milk or water enough to scald it.

Make it thick enough not to spread when put on the griddle. Grease the griddle with salt pork, drop the mixture on with a large spoon. Pat the cakes out till about half an inch thick; cook them slowly, and when browned put a bit of butter on the top of each cake and turn over. They cannot cook too long, provided they do not burn. Sometimes the dough is put on in one large cake, and as soon as browned underneath is turned over upon a freshly greased place; the thin, crisp crust is peeled off with a knife, laid on a hot plate, and spread with butter, and when another brown crust has formed, the cake is turned again, the crust is removed and buttered, and so on until the cake is all browned. These crisp, buttered crusts are served piled together and cut in sections.