Cream Sauce, No. 1

1 pint hot cream.

1 heaping tablespoonful butter.

2 heaping tablespoonfuls flour.

teaspoonful salt. saltspoonful pepper.

Make in the same manner as white sauce, and vary the seasoning for the different dishes for which it is to be used, as directed in white sauce.

A thicker Cream Sauce is given under rules for Croquettes.

Cream Sauce, No. 2

Warm one cup of cream. Beat the yolks of two eggs, strain them into the warm cream, and cook over hot water till the eggs thicken the cream like boiled custard. Stir all the time and when smooth and thickened remove from the fire, and add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with boiled celery, cauliflower, chicken, oysters, fish, etc.