Fritter Batter (For Oysters, Clams, Or Fruit)

Yolks of two eggs, beaten well; add half a cup of milk or water, and one tablespoonful of olive oil, one saltspoonful of salt, and one cup of flour, or enough to make it almost a drop batter. When ready to use, add the whites of the eggs, beaten very stiff. If intended for fruit, add a tea-spoonful of sugar to the batter. If for clams, tripe, or meat, add one tablespoonful of lemon juice or vinegar. This bat-ter will keep several days.

Oyster Fritters

Boil the oysters till the liquor flows freely. Drain, strain the liquor, and use it to make a batter, as in the preceding rule. Dip each oyster in the batter and fry until brown in hot fat.

Clam Fritters

Drain the clams, and chop the hard part. Use the liquor to make a fritter batter. Add the clams and fry by small spoonfuls in hot fat. Clams in the shell should be steamed and dressed. Drain, and dip each whole clam into the batter. If large and tough, chop the hard part, and use the same as raw clams.

Apple Fritters

Core and pare three or four apples, but do not break them. Cut them in slices one third of an inch thick, leaving the opening in the centre. Sprinkle with sugar, lemon, and spice. Dip each slice in the fritter batter and fry in hot fat. Drain, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Vegetables for fritters, such as celery, salsify, or parsnip, should be boiled till tender, then drained and cut into small pieces; then stir them into the fritter batter.

Swedish Timbale Cups

Make one half the recipe for Fritter Batter, without separating the eggs, put the batter in a cup, heat the timbale iron in hot fat, then lower it into the batter about one inch, turn it partly over as you take it out, plunge it into deep hot fat, and when browned slightly, remove, drain, and remove cup from the iron.

Parmesan Fritters, For Soup

Boil four tablespoons of water (or five of milk) with one rounded tablespoon of butter and a pinch of salt. Stir in quickly one third of a cup of flour; when well mixed, remove; add three tablespoons grated Parmesan; cool, and add three unbeaten eggs, reserving one white. Beat well, and drop in beanlike bits from a teaspoon into deep hot fat. Cook till a light brown, drain, and serve with cream soups.