Jams are made with whole small fruits, or large fruit cut fine, and cooked in an equal weight of sugar.

Grape Jam

Wash the grapes, and squeeze or pinch the pulp from the skins. Boil the pulp until it separates from the seeds, and rub it through a sieve. Then add the skins to the pulp, and boil with an equal weight of sugar fifteen minutes. Put into small jars or tumblers, and cover with paper.

Currant, Raspberry, or Blackberry Jam. - Pick over and mash the fruit; allow one pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Put the fruit and one quarter of the sugar into a granite or porcelain kettle; when boiling, add another quarter of the sugar; boil again, add more sugar, and when all is used, let it boil till it hardens on the spoon in the air.

Apples, pears, peaches, and quinces should be pared, cut small, and treated in the same way. Cooking in only a little sugar at a time prevents the fruit from becoming hard.