French Pancakes (No Soda). (Miss Parloa.)

3 eggs.

1 cup milk.

teaspoonful salt.

1 teaspoonful sugar.

cup flour.

tablespoonful salad oil.

Beat the yolks and whites separately. Add the milk, salt, and sugar to the yolks. Pour one third of this mixture on the flour, and stir to a smooth paste. Add the remainder of the milk, and beat well; then add the oil. Heat and butter a small frying-pan, and pour into it enough of the mixture to cover the pan; when brown, turn and brown the other side. Spread with butter and sugar or jelly;. roll up, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Fried Drop Cakes

The fat for fried cakes should be clean, new fat, half lard and half clarified beef drippings. By new fat is meant fat that has not been used for meat or fish, or become browned by previous frying. The same fat may be used several times by clarifying with several thin slices of raw potato, and straining through a fine strainer after each frying. When it becomes too brown for any flour mixtures, it will answer for croquettes or fish balls. It should be very hot, and still, not bubbling; but not as hot as for mixtures which have been previously cooked. The surest way is to fry a bit of the mixture. It should rise at once to the surface, with much spluttering of the fat, swell, and begin to brown on the under side. Drop cakes will usually turn over themselves, but doughnuts and fritters should be turned. They should be cooked an even golden brown, and the fat be kept at the right temperature by moving the kettle farther from or nearer to the fire. Try them with a fork, and if it come out clean, they are done.

Drain each cake over the hot fat, and when they cease to drip, put them in a squash strainer placed in a pan on the back of the stove, or drain on soft brown paper. Change the first cooked to another pan when the next are ready to be taken out. If the fat be not hot enough, or if there be too much soda, doughnuts will absorb the fat. The alkali in them unites with the grease, as it does in making soap. The eggs will prevent the cakes from soaking in the fat, and it is healthful and more economical to use them.