Dressed Celery

Use only the white, crisp part of the celery stalks. The green parts may be made into a puree or used in soups. Scrape off the brown discolored part, and wash thoroughly. Keep in cold water, and when ready to serve, drain and arrange in a celery glass. Serve with salt. Or cut the celery in thin slices, moisten with French or Mayonnaise dressing, and garnish with lettuce, cresses, or celery leaves. Lettuce and celery may be served with the roast if desired.

Cucumber Salad

Cut off an inch from each end of the cucumber, and pare off a thick paring, as a bitter juice lies near the skin. Cut in thin slices, or shave with a vegetable cutter. Keep in cold water until ready to serve.

Drain, and place in the bowl with ice. Serve with salt, pepper, and vinegar, or with a French dressing. Young onions thinly sliced are sometimes mixed with cucumbers.

Cucumber And Tomato Salad

Place a bed of crisp lettuce in a salad dish, then a layer of sliced cucumbers, then sliced tomatoes, and pour a French dressing, or a Mayonnaise, over the whole. Tomatoes peeled and cut into halves, and served with a spoonful of Mayonnaise on each half, make an attractive salad.

Potato Salad

One pint of cold boiled potatoes, cut in half-inch dice or shaved in thin slices, and seasoned with salt and pepper; the yolk of one hard-boiled egg, one heaping tablespoonful of chopped parsley, half a cup of cold beet dice, and a French dressing. Put alternate layers of potato, beet, yolk of egg, rubbed through a fine strainer, parsley, and French dressing, until the materials are all used. Have parsley and egg on the top, and leave half of the dressing for the last layer. Or arrange the potatoes, parsley, and egg in the centre of the dish, then a circle of beets and lettuce around the edge, with French dressing sprinkled over the whole. Sliced onions, red cabbage chopped, capers, dice of turnips, and carrots cut into fancy shapes or rubbed through a strainer, may be used with potatoes for a salad.

No. 2. - One pint of hot potatoes, mashed or cut in slices, half a cup of chopped cabbage, half a cup of chopped celery, one tablespoonful of chopped parsley, one cucumber pickle, and one hard-boiled egg, chopped fine. Mix well, and add enough of Boiled Dressing No. 2 to moisten. Keep on the ice until ready to serve. Place two tablespoonfuls on a leaf of lettuce, and serve in the leaf.

Many professional cooks prefer to mix a potato salad while the potatoes are hot, as the salad looks more appetizing, will keep longer, and have less of the soggy peculiar taste than when made with cold potatoes. Rubbing a cut onion or a little garlic round the salad bowl is sufficient where only a slight flavor of onion is desired. Vegetable salads are suitable for lunch or tea, or may be served as a course at dinner.

Egg Salad

Boil six eggs twenty minutes. Cut the whites in thin slices, or chop them very tine. Arrange a bed of cresses on a dish. Make nests of the whites, and put one whole yolk in the centre of each nest; or rub the yolks through a fine strainer over the whites. Sprinkle a French dressing over the whole. Serve small balls of cottage cheese with the salad.