Salad In Tomato Jelly Cups

Soak one-half box of gelatine in one cup of cold water in which some celery has been stewed. Put into a stewpan one quart can of tomatoes, one. tablespoon of minced parsley, one tablespoon of chives, one teaspoon of salt, one-fourth teaspoon of paprika, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and two cardamom seeds. Stew until the pulp is tender, then strain it, without pressure, heat again to a boiling point, add the soaked gelatine and strain it again into a pitcher. Have ready two sizes of small round moulds or cups. Put the larger moulds in a pan and surround them with broken ice. Pour in jelly to the depth of one-third inch. When firm, place the smaller mould inside and add a few spoonfuls of jelly between the moulds. When this is firm, add the remainder till the larger moulds are filled. Fill the smaller mould with broken ice to hasten the process. When the jelly is firm, remove the ice, add hot water to the smaller mould till it can be lifted out carefully. Fill the space with oyster salad, or any preferred salad, and when ready to serve, invert on a dish, and garnish with whipped cream dressing and watercress.

Salad Of Remnants

Mix one cup of cold boiled celery cut in bits, one cup of cooked cauliflower, and one-half cup of canned butter beans. If you have no mayonnaise dressing left over, or do not like the oil in the plain French dressing, make a cream dressing as follows: Mix one-fourth teaspoon of mustard, one-fourth teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of sugar, and a few grains of paprika. Add the yolk of one egg and mix well, then the white beaten till foamy (not stiff), and one tablespoon of thick cream. Gradually add one-fourth cup of hot vinegar, and cook over boiling water till it thickens, stirring constantly. When cold pour it over the mixed vegetables. Or the vegetables may be arranged in groups, each kind by itself, and the dressing served separately.


Break off the stalks where they are tender, wash, tie in a bundle, cook in boiling water till tender. Drain, cut into inch pieces, and pour white sauce over it, using only enough to moisten.

Asparagus Salad

Use only about three inches of the tip end, and cook as directed above, and chill it thoroughly. Serve it on a platter, and pass with it a French dressing, served in small dishes, into which each stalk may be dipped as desired.

Potato Salad

Boil potatoes without paring, and remove when not quite soft. Peel, and when cool slice thin, and season with salt and pepper. To one quart, allow one small onion sliced, and double the rule for French dressing. Mix thoroughly, and add more oil and vinegar if needed. Potatoes vary in the amount they will absorb. Chill thoroughly, and serve with a garnish of lettuce, parsley, celery, or boiled egg.

French Dressing

One-fourth teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, three tablespoons of olive oil, and one tablespoon of vinegar, tarragon vinegar preferred.

Sour Cream Dresssing, No. 1. - Three-fourths cup of sour cream, fill the cup with vinegar, stir in half a tea-spoonful salt and one saltspoonful paprika.

No. 2. - One pint thick sour cream, three tablespoonfuls sugar, one level teaspoonful salt, one saltspoonful paprika, half a saltspoonful black pepper two tablespoonfuls vinegar.

No. 3. - One cup sour cream, one tablespoonful sugar, half a teaspoonful salt, half a saltspoonful white pepper, one tablespoonfd lemon juice.

No. 4. - Make the usual mayonnaise with yolk of one raw egg, half a teaspoonful salt, one saltspoonful paprika, one saltspoonful mustard, one cup oil added in small portions until the mixture thickens, two tablespoonfuls lemon juice, and when ready to use, stir in half a cup of sour cream.