Sorrento Sandwiches

Boil the liver from a pair of chickens until very tender, rub through a strainer, and mix it with an equal amount of olives chopped very fine. Moisten with mayonnaise dressing, and put between two buttered rounds of bread.

Salmon And Brown Bread Sandwiches

Use brown bread which has been steamed in half-pound baking-powder cans. Cut in thin slices. Flake one cupful of cold boiled salmon and mix it to a paste with one tablespoonful mayonnaise dressing. Add more salt and cayenne if desired. Spread it on the bread, cover with a layer of thin slices of cucumber, then another round of bread, press lightly, and arrange them in an overlapping circle around a few sprigs of parsley.

Sweetbread Sandwiches

Break up one cold boiled sweetbread, remove the membranes and press through a potato-ricer. Moisten with half as much thick whipped cream, and season to taste with salt, cayenne, and lemon juice. Spread on thin slices of bread, cover with the leaves of watercress and another slice of buttered bread, press, and cut into triangles.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Select nice tender, crisp lettuce, wash and dry well, but do not make the sandwiches until just before serving.

Butter the bread and cover with the lettuce, and spread a thin layer of salad dressing on the other slice, and press them together tightly. Cut in halves, or cut into rounds before filling. Tear the lettuce to fit the slices. When a rich mayonnaise is used, it is not necessary to spread with butter, although many recipes call for it.

Flower Sandwiches

Sweet clover, sweet peas, violets, roses, cinnamon pinks, apple blossoms, nasturtiums, and heliotrope may be used, some for fragrance merely and some for a part of the filling.

Flavor the butter by cutting the desired quantity in small pieces, then lay it in thin cheese-cloth with the flowers all around it, and let it stand several hours in a close-covered jar.

Spread the bread with the fragrant butter, and, if you like, sprinkle a few petals over the butter, then roll over and press firmly. Put them back with the flowers and cover tightly, and when ready to serve arrange them in a dish with fresh flowers.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Select cucumbers that are small and thin, that there may be no large seeds. Peel and slice as thinly as possible, into ice water, and let them stand ten minutes. Drain very dry, and place them between thin slices of bread which have been spread with mayonnaise dressing.

German Cucumber Sandwiches

Peel the large cucumbers, cut in quarters lengthwise, and cut off the inside. Slice very thin, and let them stand in cold salted water until they are soft. Drain and press between towels to remove all the water. Butter thin rounds of brown bread, cover with a layer of the cucumber, season with a thick French dressing, and cover with another buttered round of bread.

Cheese And Nut Sandwiches

Take equal parts of grated cheese and English walnuts pounded to a meal, or ground; moisten with thick sweet cream, and season to taste with salt. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread.

No. 2. - Chop fine or run through an almond grater half a cup of pecans. Melt half a cup of Edam cheese, and blend it thoroughly with the nuts. Add half a salt-spoon of paprika, and salt to taste. Spread the paste on thin slices of bread, and cut in small squares or triangles.