Short Cakes, No. 1

1 pint sifted flour. teaspoonful salt, scant. teaspoonful soda, measured after pulverizing.

1 full teaspoonful cream of tartar (omit if sour milk be used).

cup butter.

1 cup sweet or sour milk, or cold water.

Mix the salt, soda, and cream of tartar with the flour, and sift two or three times. Rub in the butter until fine like meal, or if liked very short and crisp, melt the butter and add it hot with the milk. Add the liquid gradually, mixing and cutting with a knife, and use just enough to make it of a light spongy consistency. Scrape out the dough upon a well-floured board; toss it with the knife until floured; pat into a flat cake, and roll gently, till half an inch thick; cut with a small round cutter, and bake on the griddle or in the oven. If you use a griddle, grease it well with salt pork or butter, and cook the cakes slowly; watch and turn them, that all may be browned alike.

1 4 level teaspoons baking-powder may be used instead of soda and cream of tartar.

When they are well puffed up, put a bit of butter on the top of each, and turn over, - or move them to one side and grease again with the pork, and turn over upon the freshly greased place. When browned on the other side and done, of which you can judge by the firmness of texture or by pulling one partly open, serve immediately. Tear them open, as cutting with a knife makes them heavy and indigestible. If to be baked in the oven, put them quite close together in a shallow pan, and bake ten or fifteen minutes.

Short Cakes, No. 2

Make by rule No. 1, and divide into two parts; pat and roll each part into a large, round cake the size of a pie plate, and bake either in a spider or in the oven. These short cakes may be eaten hot with butter if for a simple breakfast or tea cake, or buttered and spread with sweetened fruit for dessert.

Strawberry Short Cake, No. 1

Make a crust by rule for Dutch Apple Cake, on page 86; bake it on round tins; split, butter, and spread with sweetened berries and cream.

Strawberry Short Cake, No. 2

Make by rule No. 1 for Short Cake, and bake on a griddle in small rounds. Tear open, and spread each half with softened butter. Put half of the cakes on a hot plate. Mash a pint of strawberries, sweeten to taste, put a large spoonful on each cake; then put another layer of cakes, and whole berries, well sugared. Serve with cream.

Peach Short Cake

Make by either of the receipts for Strawberry Short Cake, and spread with sliced and sweetened peaches. Apricots may be used in the same way; and cream may be added if preferred.

Orange Short Cake

The same as Strawberry, using oranges. Peel and di-vide the oranges, remove the seeds and thick inner skin, and cut each section into three or four pieces. Sweeten to taste.

Whole-Wheat Or Rye Short Cakes

1 cup white flour. 1 cup whole-wheat or rye flour. 4 level teasp. baking-powder. teaspoonful salt.

1 tablespoonful sugar.

1 cup of sweet milk, the amount varying with the flour. 1 tablespoonful melted butter.

Mix in the order given, making the dough stiff enough to be rolled. Cut into rounds and bake on a griddle; tear open and serve with cream and salt. Or roll very thin, cut and bake in the oven, split and pour cream thickened as for toast over them.