Eight pounds of fruit, four pounds of best brown sugar, one quart of vinegar, and one cup of mixed whole spices, - stick cinnamon, cassia buds, allspice, and cloves; less of the latter than of the former. Tie the spices in a bag, and boil with the vinegar and sugar. Skim well; then add the fruit. Cook ten minutes, or till scalded and tender Skim out the fruit, and put into stone jars. Boil the syrup five minutes longer, and pour over the fruit. The next day pour off the syrup and boil down again, and do this for three mornings. Keep the bag of spices in the syrup.


Scald, remove the skins, and cook without breaking if possible.


Scald or wipe off the "wool," and leave them whole. Do not stick them with cloves. If very ripe, merely pour the hot syrap over them on three successive mornings.


Select sound fruit, not too ripe. Pare, and leave them whole with the stems on. Cook till tender.

Pipe Cucumber Or Watermelon Rind

Cut the pared rind into thick slices. Boil one ounce of alum in one gallon of water, pour it on the rinds, and let them stand in it several hours on the back of the stove. Take out into cold water, and when cold boil them half an hour in the sweet pickle.

Pipe Muskmelon Or Canteloupe

Pare, and cut into thick slices. Pour the boiling syrup over them. The next morning pour off the syrup, boil five minutes, and pour it boiling hot over the melon. Repeat this on three mornings.


Slice it, or with a fork pick it off from the centre, in small pieces, and prepare as for melon.

Tomato Catchup. (Mrs. Campbell.)

Boil one bushel of ripe tomatoes, skins and all, and when soft strain through a colander to remove the skins only. Mix one cup of salt, two pounds of brown sugar, half an ounce of cayenne pepper, three ounces each of ground allspice, mace, and celery seed, two ounces of ground cinnamon, and stir into the tomato. Add two quarts of best cider vinegar, and when thoroughly mixed strain through a sieve. Pour all that runs through into a large kettle, and boil slowly till reduced one half. It is an improvement to add a pint of brandy ten minutes before the catchup is done, but many think it unnecessary. Put it in small bottles, seal, and keep in a cool, dark place.

Piccallili, Or Chow Chow

1 peck green tomatoes. 1 cup salt. 6 small onions.

1 large head celery.

2 cups brown sugar.

1 teaspoonful white pepper.

1 tablespoonful ground cinnamon.

1 tablespoonful ground allspice.

1 tablespoonful mustard.

2 quarts good, sharp vinegar.

Chop the tomatoes, mix the salt with them thoroughly, and let them stand over night. In the morning pour off the water, and chop the onion and celery. Mix the sugar, pepper, cinnamon, and mustard. Put in a porcelain kettle a layer of tomatoes, onion, celery, and spices, and so on until all is used, and cover with the vinegar. Cook slowly all day, or until the tomatoes are soft. Cauliflower, or cabbage, or one quart of cucumbers may be used with the tomatoes. Sliced or grated horseradish gives a pleasant flavor.