Tartar Sauce (For Broiled Or Devilled Chicken)

One tablespoonful each of mustard, Chili vinegar, shalot vinegar, and claret wine, and two tablespoonfuls of Harvey sauce. Heat in a bowl over hot water, and pour it over the chicken.

Sauce Tartare (Cold, For Fried Or Boiled Fish, Tongue, Fish Salad, Or Broiled Chicken)

1 teaspoonful mustard.

saltspoonful pepper.

1 teaspoonful powdered sugar.

1 saltspoonful salt.

Few drops onion juice.

Yolks 2 raw eggs.

cup oil.

3 tablespoonfuls vinegar. 1 tablespoonful chopped olives. 1 tablespoonful chopped capers. 1 tablespoonful chopped cucumber pickles. 1 tablespoonful chopped parsley.

Mix in the order given; add the yolks, and stir well; add the oil slowly, then the vinegar and chopped ingredients. This will keep for several weeks.