1 pint milk, or half milk and half white stock.

2 tablespoonfuls butter.

2 heaping tablespoonfuls flour. teaspoonful salt. saltspoonful pepper.

Heat the milk over hot water. Put the butter in a granite saucepan, and stir till it melts and bubbles. Be careful not to brown it. Add the dry flour, and stir quickly till well mixed. Pour on one third of the milk. Let it boil, and stir well as it thickens; tip the saucepan slightly to keep the sauce from sticking. Add another third of the milk; let it boil up and thicken, and stir vigorously till perfectly smooth. Be sure that all the lumps are rubbed out while it is in this thick state. Then add the remainder of the milk; let it boil, and when smooth add the salt and pepper, using more if high seasoning be desired.

This white sauce may be used in place of drawn butter in any of the preceding rules.