Croutons, Or Fried Bread. No. 1

Cut stale bread into half-inch slices, remove the crusts, and cut into half-inch cubes; put them in a frying-basket, plunge into fat hot enough to brown them while you count forty; drain and sprinkle with salt. They may be fried at any time and heated in the oven just before serving. They are especially nice with pea and bean soup.

No. 2. - Cut the bread into cubes, and brown in butter in an omelet pan; or butter first, then cut into cubes and brown in the oven. They are best when prepared after the first receipt.

Crisped Crackers

Split butter crackers and spread with butter; put them, the buttered side up, into a pan, and brown in a hot oven. They are delicious with white or vegetable soups, and in fish chowder and oyster stews.

Egg Balls

Boil four eggs twenty minutes; put them in cold water. When cool, cut carefully through the white, and remove the yolks whole. They may be served in the soup where or cut into quarters. Or put the yolks in a small bowl and rub them to a paste with a wooden spoon. Season with one saltspoonful of salt; one fourth of a saltspoonful of pepper; one teaspoonful of melted butter. Moisten it with the beaten yolk or white of one raw egg, using just enough to shape it easily into balls about the size of a walnut Roll in flour and fry in butter; the same as force-meat balls. They are sometimes boiled five minutes in the soup, but are better fried.

Force-Meat Balls For Soup

1 cup of any cooked meat.

1 saltsp. each of salt and thyme.

saltspoonful pepper.

1 teaspoonful lemon juice.

1 teaspoonful chopped parsley.

Yolk of 1 raw egg. A few drops onion juice. 1 tablespoonful flour. 1 tablespoonful butter.

Chop the meat very fine; add the seasoning; beat the yolk of the egg, and add enough of it to moisten the meat; make it into balls the size of a nutmeg, put them in a soup plate, sprinkle them with flour, shake the plate until the balls are all floured; put the butter in an omelet pan, and when brown put in the balls, and shake the pan occasionally until the balls are browned.