Carving And Serving


Square 12mo. Illuminated board covers. Price, 60 cents.

"Carving and Serving," by Mrs. D. A. Lincoln, author of the "Boston Cook Book," is a little manual by the aid of which any gentleman or lady can become ar. expert carver. What an advantage it must be to be able to place with the left hands fork in the breast of a turkey, and, without once removing it, with the right hand to carve and dissect, or disjoint, the entire fowl ready to be helped to admiring guests! This is done by skilful carvers. The book also contains directions for serving, with a list of utensils for carving and serving.

"The student of this attractive little book has no excuse for inefficiency and bungling, as the directions, both general and specific, are so clear that no room is left for uncertainty. The scope of the book broadens somewhat beyond its expressed range in giving a word of needful advice to the guest, who is conjured to bear in mind that he is invited to dine, not to take a lesson in carving; adding that there 'seems to be an irresistible fascination about carving which silences all tongues, and draws all eyes to the head of the table.' However, if the process is performed a la Mrs. Lincoln, scrutiny need not be feared. The directions in serving are no less timely and valuable. being founded upon a combination of experience and good taste that may safely be regarded as oracular." - Common-wealth.

"'Carving and Serving,' by Mrs. D. A. Lincoln, is a capital book for housekeepers. It gives minute and clear directions how to carve everything that goes on to the table in the way of beef, poultry, and game. It also gives instructions how to prepare all these edibles, and appetizing dishes like sweetbreads, chops, cutlets, meat pies, salads, soups, and many others. And what is greatly essential, it gives detailed information how to serve the different edibles and drinks, to cut bread, and, last but not least, gives some very much-needed advice how to offer all these things at the table. . . . The book is full of such pretty suggestions, as well as solid information, and there is such a wide-spread interest to-day among educated women regarding cooking, serving, and managing dishes on the table, they will find this little book a valuable assistant in all such matters." - Hartford Times.

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The Peerless Cook Book



A NEW EDITION with additional matter of interest to every housekeeper

Illuminated Paper Cover only 25 Cents

The Peerless Cook Book is an authority. It contains 132 pages of valuable cooking recipes, including over one hundred additional recipes FOR THE CHAFING DISH

The name of Mrs. D. A. Lincoln on a book of household advice is sure to stamp it with success. Thousands of women all over the land owe her a debt of gratitude for her "Boston Cook Book;" and now thousands more, whose lack of means have prevented them from owning that unequalled volume, may rejoice in the possession of the Peerless Cook Book. This little collection contains over four hundred valuable recipes. A few of these are taken from her "Boston Cook Book;" but most of them are new, and all are of the most useful and practical description, bearing the mark of the positive genius which Mrs. Lincoln possesses for culinary composition. - The Beacon.

Mrs. D. A. Lincoln's "Boston Cook Book" has been widely recognized as one of the very best manuals of its class, and her new venture in the same field, the Peerless Cook Book, which is issued in paper at a low price, will find a host of friends because of its eminently practical character. - Christian Union.

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