Lamb Or Mutton Chops

Wipe with a wet cloth; remove the skin and extra fat; have a frying-pan hissing hot, without any fat; put in the chops and cook one minute, turn, and sear the other side; cook more slowly until done, five minutes if liked rare. Stand them up on the fat edge to brown the fat, without over-cooking the meat. When nearly done, sprinkle a little salt on each side. Drain on paper, and serve hot, either plain or with tomato or Soubise sauce.

Mutton Cutlets, Breaded

Trim the cutlets, and season with salt and pepper. Dip in crumbs, beaten egg, and crumbs again, and fry in smoking hot fat, four to six minutes if rare, eight to ten if well done. Arrange in the centre of a hot dish, and pour tomato sauce around them, or place them around a mound of mashed potatoes or spinach. Trim the bones with a paper ruffle; or arrange them with the bone end up, stacked like bayonets, and garnish with stuffed tomatoes.

Chops En Papillote

Wipe, trim, wrap in buttered papers, and broil from three to five minutes; season, and serve plain or trimmed with paper ruffles. Or make a thick sauce with one cup of boiling stock, thickened with one heaping tablespoonful of flour and one tablespoonful of butter, cooked together and flavored with mushrooms, parsley, and lemon juice. Lay the cutlets on clean papers, spread the sauce over them, fold the edges, place in a pan in the oven for ten minutes. Serve in the papers. If the chops be tough, dip them in olive oil before broiling.

Fig. 27. Paper Ruffle.

Fig. 27. Paper Ruffle.

Fricassee Of Mutton Or Lamb With Peas

Cut two pounds of the breast of mutton or lamb into square pieces. Dredge with salt and flour, and brown in butter or drippings. Put them in a stew-pan with one onion sliced, cover with boiling water, and simmer until the bones slip out. Remove the bones, strain the liquor, skim off the fat, and when the liquor boils again, add the meat, salt, and pepper, and stew until nearly tender; then add one quart of peas, or one pint of boiled macaroni cut into half-inch pieces, or one pint of asparagus tips, and simmer fifteen minutes.

Mutton Stew For Two

Two mutton chops, cut from near the shoulder. Put them in a shallow pan having a tight cover. Pour on boiling water to the depth of one inch; cover and simmer one hour; add more water as it boils away, using only enough to keep the meat from burning. Add two slices of French turnip, two small onions whole; and when the meat and turnip are nearly tender, add two common-sized potatoes, having first soaked and scalded them. Add one teaspoonful of salt and a little pepper. Remove the vegetables without breaking; let the water boil nearly away, leaving enough for a gravy. Remove the fat, thicken the gravy with flour, and if needed add salt and tomato catchup. Pour it over the meat.

Fig. 28. Chop.

Fig 28. Chop.

Fig. 29. Chop in Paper.

Fig. 29. Chop in Paper.

Curry Of Mutton

Fry one large onion, cut fine, in one heaping tablespoonful of butter. Mix one tablespoonful of curry powder, one teaspoonful of salt, one tablespoonful of flour, and stir it into the butter and onion. Add gradually one pint of hot water or stock. Cut two pounds of lean mutton into small pieces, and brown them in hot fat; add them to the sauce, and simmer until tender. Place the meat on a hot dish, and arrange a border of boiled rice or Turkish pilaf around the meat. Slices of cold cooked mutton may be used instead of the fresh meat. Veal curry is prepared in the same manner.

Ragout of Mutton, made from the fore quarter, or any cooked mutton, may be prepared as directed for beef stew, adding carrots and turnips cut small, and seasoning highly.

Sheep's Tongues, Braised

Wash, dredge with salt and flour, and brown in salt pork fat, with one or two minced onions. Put them in a pan with water or stock to half cover; add one sprig of parsley, a little salt and pepper; cover and cook two hours, or until tender. Remove the skin, and trim neatly at the roots. Place a mound of spinach in the centre of the dish; arrange the tongues around the spinach, alternating with diamonds of fried bread.

Lambs' Tongues, Boiled

Boil six tongues in salted water, with the juice of half a lemon, until tender. Serve cold with Tartar sauce. Or pickle them by covering with hot spiced vinegar.