Broiled Oysters

These are a possible luxury with a gas range, and who would not enjoy a "half dozen" at home with his family? Select large, plump oysters. After draining them, dip into melted butter and roll in seasoned powdered cracker crumbs. Rub a fine wire broiler with salt pork, place the oysters close together and broil under the flame of the oven. Turn from side to side, not having heat too intense.

Panned Oysters

Clean one pint of large oysters. Place small, oblong pieces of toast in dripping-pan, put an oyster on each, sprinkle with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and broil under flame of oven burner until oysters begin to ruffle at the edges.

Deviled Crab

Pick up the crab fine, saving the fat; season with a -peek of cayenne, salt, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, a grating of nutmeg, one-quarter teaspoon of Folger's Golden Gate Mustard, one beaten egg, two tablespoonfuls cream; if not soft enough, add more cream. Butter a baking-dish and fill with the mixture; cover with bread or cracker crumbs; squeeze on a little lemon or lime juice; put bits of butter on top and brown in a quick oven. If the flavor of onion or garlic is wanted, rub on the dish before filling.

Mrs. C. E. Cocks.

Sardines With Tomato Sauce

Scrape skin from one can of sardines; place on pieces of toast the size of a sardine; put in oven to warm a little. Have ready a sauce of one-half can tomatoes, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, salt, a little butter, one-half bay leaf, three cloves. When ready to serve strain and pan over sardines.

Codfish Balls

One pint of codfish minced fine and scalded; one quart of hot boiled potatoes mashed fine (better put through a potato sifter); mix with fish; add butter, one-quarter of a cup, about as much cream, a little Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, and two well beaten eggs. Keep all as hot as possible. Beat together with a fork. Roll lightly in Sperry Flour and fry like doughnut's in very hot lard and beef drippings, half of each.

Mrs. Goodfellow.

Creamed Oysters

Parboil one pint of solid oysters till edges curl. Drain and add to the liquor, milk or thin cream - enough to make one and one-half cups; melt two tablespoonfuls butter in saucepan and cook in it for five minutes (without browning) one teaspoon-ful minced onion, one tablespoonful minced Folger's Golden Gate sweet pepper (green or red) and one tablespoonful minced celery. Stir in two tablespoonfuls Sperry Flour, and when blended add gradually the hot liquid; stir till smooth, add the oysters, cook a moment longer and serve.

Mrs. Charlotte Weir.

Fried Oysters

Drain any number of oysters required; throw them into cold water; wash and drain and wipe dry with soft cloth; dip into beaten egg; then into cracker crumbs seasoned with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper; then into the egg again, and cracker crumbs again. Fry in a skillet with part lard and part butter until a nice brown.

Mrs. H. Wilson.