Pudding Sauce

Beat one egg; one cup sugar to a stiff froth; make thin batter with one pint hot water, and butter half the size of an egg. Pour boiling hot over the egg and sugar, beating briskly while pouring. Flavor with Folger's Golden Gate extracts to suit taste.

Mrs. Penson.

Hard Sauce

Put a large tablespoonful of butter in bowl and beat until creamy; add alternately two cups powdered sugar and one-half cup sherry, beating all the time. Serve with nutmeg well sprinkled over it.

A. E. P.

Brown Betty

Butter a pudding mold; put a layer of fine bread crumbs in the bottom, then a layer of chopped apple; sprinkle plentifully with sugar and Folger's Golden Gate Cinnamon, then bread crumbs and apples until dish is full, having bread crumbs on top. Sprinkle with bits of butter and bake in slow oven for one hour. Serve with hard sauce.

A. E. P.

Apple Roll

Make biscuit dough, using about one pint of Sperry Flour and roll out. Spread over the dough six apples chopped fine and sprinkle with sugar and nutmeg. Fold over, making a roll. Make a syrup of one cup of hot water and one and one-half cups sugar and bring to a boil. Pour part of this over roll and bake about one-half hour. The remaining syrup can be used when serving roll.

Mrs. W. D. Clark.


Dissolve one rounded tablespoonful of granulated gelatine in one-half cup of cold water, and stir over fire until thoroughly dissolved; add one-half cup cold water to hot gelatine and let stand to cool a little. Separate the whites of four eggs; beat the whites with a tiny pinch of salt until light and stiff, then pour dissolved gelatine very slowly into beaten whites and beat while pouring in gelatine. Sprinkle in one cup of granulated sugar and keep on beating; add one-half teaspoonful Folger's Golden Gate Almond

Flavoring and beat. Take out one-third of this mixture and tint pink. Set in bottom of deep dish and sprinkle over it chopped pecans. The second, third leave white, and spread over chopped nuts. Lastly, spread over the remaining third, that has been tinted lavender. Served with whipped cream or table cream with Folger's Golden Gate Vanilla Flavoring. Use wire egg-beater instead of Dover beater.

Mrs. E. E. Johnson.

Floating Island

One-half package gelatine; one pint water; soak 20 minutes; add two cups sugar; set on stove to come to a boil; when nearly cold add whites of four eggs, beaten stiff; the juice and rind of two lemons; pour into mold. Sauce: Make custard of the four yolks; a quart of milk, and small tablespoonful corn starch. Sweeten to taste.

Corn Pudding

One pint grated corn; one-half pint sweet milk; two eggs; two tablespoonfuls sugar; little salt. Bake two hours.