Sick Room Recipes

If a physician order raw beef for a patient, this is a nice way to prepare it: Scrape fine a small piece of juicy, tender beef, seasoned highly with salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, spread on thin slices of bread put together like sandwiches, and cut into small squares. These may be toasted slightly.

Beef Croquettes

Beef croquettes are made by scraping a sufficient quantity of raw beef, sprinkle a little salt and Folger's Golden Gate Pepper over, and shape into little balls, and put in a hot fryingpan which has been well sprinkled with salt; shake the pan so that the balls may be heated alike on all sides.

Beef Tea

Chop fine one pound of beef, add one and one-half pints of cold water, into which have been put 8 drops of muriatic acid and a pinch of salt; after an hour, drain off the fluid without pressure, add half a pint of cold water poured over the beef, strain it all and use it as a drink, very cold. Cannot be kept long in warm weather.

2. Make beef tea in the ordinary way: A pound of chopped beef to a pint of cold water, cooked very slowly until the beef is hard, strain off the juice which should be a clear liquid-like water; have it frozen, and give to the patient in little lumps like cracked ice.

3. Take beef juice as in No. 2. add a tumbler of boiled milk, slightly and evenly thickened with Sperry Flour, flavor with bits of celery or celery seeds, which are to be taken out before serving, add salt, and call it white celery soup.

4. Slightly boil a pound of lean beef (the "round" is best); cut into strips, and squeeze out the juice. Give it cold with a little salt and celery essence; a tablespoonful of claret wine may be added. A pound of beef makes about three tablespoonfuls of juice. This is often preferred to beef tea.

The following are often preferred to beef tea:

1. Put a quart of milk into a large perfectly clean bottle; drop in the whites of three raw eggs; cook it and shake hard.

2. To one pint of milk (sugar and vanilla to taste) slightly warmed, stir in a dessertspoonful of essence of pepsin (Fairchild), and set on ice. Serve with cream.

Wine Whey

Boil a tumbler of milk, and as it rises throw in a wine-glass of sherry, giving one stir round the edges; let it stand over the fire until the curd sets; strain it; sweeten and

Cream Of Rice Soup

Half a pint of chicken broth strained; add to it two tablespoonfuls of rice; let it simmer for two hours, strain, and then add a half-pint of cream, salt to taste; let it come just to the boiling point. If the patient can bear it, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, celery, or a soupscore of onion may be added.