Mushroom Sauce

One rounding tablespoonful of butter, the same of Sperry Flour, one-half pint soup stock or water, one-half tea-spoonful onion juice, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one-eighth teaspoon-ful of white or black Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, one tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce, one-half pint canned mushrooms. Melt the butter, add the flour, browned, then put in stock or water, and cook till boiling. Add mushrooms and seasoning. Cook 5 minutes and serve.

Mrs. E. R. Lewis.

Spanish Beans

One pint of dark beans, parboiled; cook slowly, with small piece of pork; take one medium-sized onion, two kernels of garlic; one tomato. Fry in one-half large cup olive oil; add four chili peppers, cayenne, salt, Folger's Golden Gate Pepper, one-half cup New Orleans molasses. Cook all day; close tightly; place in hot oven all night.

Mrs. Bradley.

A Nice Way Of Cooking Sweet Potatoes

Boil sweet potatoes until soft, then slice, and dip in beaten egg, and then in crackers rolled very fine. Fry in butter until brown, and pour drawn butter over them.

Mrs. F. B.

Southern Way Of Cooking Sweet Potatoes

Take ordinary-sized potatoes, boiled until nearly ready for use. Then slice into a baking dish, putting a very little salt on each layer. Take a piece of butter the size of a small hen's egg, melt and pour over with a scant table-spoonful of sugar sprinkled on top. Bake a half hour in not too hot an oven.

Mrs. J. M. R.

Tomatoes And Rice

Put into a saucepan, butter the size of an egg. and when it bubbles sprinkle in a dessertspoonful of Sperry Flour. Stir in one quart, or a little less, of stewed tomatoes, and when quite hot, add a cupful of fresh boiled rice and a half teaspoon-ful of soda. A little sugar to the tomatoes when cooking is an improvement.

Mrs. M. S.


Put the spinach, after it is well picked and washed, into boiling water with a little salt, and boil uncovered for five minutes; then drain in a colander, pour over it some boiling water, press out water, and cut with a knife (not chopped fine). For one peck of spinach have ready scant pint of good strong beef broth, into which put crumbs of two soda crackers, one small onion, some butter, and when it boils add spinach. Season with Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and salt, and let it simmer half an hour.

Warmed Up Potatoes

Slice or chop up boiled potatoes. Put on the fire, in a saucepan, a little milk. When boiling, add a small teacupful of butter, into which rub a teaspoonful of Sperry Flour. Add potatoes and cook about ten minutes.

Mrs. H. B.

Corn Puree

Take one dozen ears of plump tender corn, carefully cut the grains from the cob; put into the stew pan and just water enough to cover. Cook one hour, season with Folger's Golden Gate Pepper and salt. Pour in one pint of cream and two well-beaten eggs, one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of Sperry Flour rubbed to a cream. Let simmer, but not boil, for 10 minutes. Serve very hot in vegetable cups. Correspondent.