Pine Apple Jelly

Take a fine ripe pine apple, cut it small, and strain the juice through a hair sieve, then throw it into the boiling syrup, let it boil up, and when nearly cold strain it through a silk sieve, add a little caramel to give the jelly a fine yellow tinge; then the juice of two fine lemons, and an ounce of clarified isinglass. Proceed as before.

Jelly Of Apricots

Take the stones out of one dozen and a half of fine ripe apricots and boil them in the syrup, which, in this case, should be as light coloured as possible; when boiled sufficiently to extract the flavour, strain through a napkin, add the necessary quantity of isinglass, and finish as usual.

Orange Jelly

Squeeze the juice out of twelve Havanna oranges and one lemon, strain through a fine linen cloth, then mix with the syrup boiled to the ball; add the clarified isinglass, filter through a fine flannel bag, and finish as before.

The foregoing will suffice for all fruit jellies.

Blanc Mange

Take four ounces of sweet almonds blanched, half an ounce of bitter almonds, pound them in a clean mortar, moisten them gradually with orange-flower water, mix this with one quart of fresh cream and one ounce of clarified isinglass, put into a saucepan, constantly stirring till it boils, then pass through a fine sieve, and form into a mould, and put on ice.

Blanc Mange may be flavoured with vanilla, Mocha coffee, maris-chino, pistachios, and strawberries; in which case the bitter almond9 should be left out.]

Essence Of Lemon

Eight ounces of lemon peel, ten ounces of rectified spirits of wine. Pare or grate off the yellow rind of the lemon very thin and weigh it, put it into a bottle and pour the spirit on it, stop it close, and let it steep for fourteen days, when it is fit for use. Proof gin or white rum will serve equally well, but not such as is generally sold at the gin-shops; this is excellent for ices, creams, lemonade, etc. In many establishments, where quantities of peel are thrown away, the cost of this would be comparatively trifling, compared with the price of the inferior oil generally sold.

Essence Of Orange

Make as lemon, using only four ounces of the yellow rind.

Essence Of Bergamot

From the peel of the bergamot lemon.

Essence De CÚDrat

From the yellow part of the fresh citron peel; it may also be obtained by pressing the yellow part of the peel between two glass plates, and by the distillation of the flowers of the citron-trep.

Allspice, Cloves, Cinnamon, Or Nutmegs, Etc

Two ounces of spice, one pint of proof spirit. Bruise the spice, put it into a bottle, stop it close, let it remain fourteen days, and filter for use.

The oil from nutmegs is often extracted from them by decoction, before they are brought to the market, and their orifices closed again with powdered sassafras; this may be ascertained by the lightness of the nut; if it is punctured with a pin, the oil will be pressed from it when good. These oils may be obtained by expression or distillation; they hold resin in solution, and consequently sink in water. The essences usually sold are made by adding half an ounce of the pure oil to one pint of spirits of wine.