Plombiere Ice, Or Swiss Pudding

Take one pint and a half of cream and half a pint of milk, and make them into a custard with seven yolks of eggs; flavour it either with Curašjoa, Maraschino, or rum; freeze the custard, and add about a quarter of a pound of dried cherries, orange, lemon, and citron peel, and currants; mix these in the iced custard. The Curašoa, or rum, etc, may be poured over the fruit when you commence freezing, or before, which I consider preferable to flavouring the custard. Prepare the mould, which is round, and something in the shape of a melon, made to open in the centre with a hinge. Strew over the inside with some clean currants, fill the mould, and close it; immerse it in some fresh ice mixed with salt. Before it is required to be turned out, prepare a dish as follows:-

The Sauce

Make a little custard, and flavour it with brandy; dissolve some isinglass in water or milk, and when it is nearly cold add sufficient to the custard to set it; pour it into the dish you intend to serve it on. As soon as it is set, turn out the pudding on it and serve.

Almond Or Orgeat Ice Cream

One quart of cream, eight ounces of sweet almonds, two ounces of bitter almonds, twelve ounces of sugar, and two ounces of orange-flower water; blanch the almonds, and pound them quite fine in a mortar, using the orange-flower water in pounding, to prevent their oiling: rub them through a sieve, and pound again the remaining portion which has not passed through, until they are fine enough; then mix them with the cream, and make it into a custard with eggs, as the preceding; strain, and when cold, freeze.

Pistachio Ice Cream

One quart of cream, eight ounces of pistachios, and twelve ounces of sugar; blanch and pound the pistachios with a little of the cream; mix and finish as orgeat ice, flavouring it with a little essence of cedrat, or the rind of a fresh citron rubbed on sugar; or the custard may be flavoured by boiling in it a little cinnamon and mace and the rind of of a lemon.

Filbert Ice Cream

One quart of cream, one pound of nuts, and twelve ounces of sugar or one pint of syrup; break the nuts, and roast the kernels in the oven; when done, pound them with a little cream, make a custard, and finish as almond ice.

Chestnut Ice

As the preceding, taking off the husks and skin.

Burnt Filbert Ice Cream

Use the same proportions as in filbert ice; put the kernels into the syrup, and boil till it comes to the blow; stir the sugar with a spatula, that it may grain and adhere to the nuts; when cold, pound them with the sugar quite fine; make a custard, and mix them with it, allowing for the sugar that is used for the nuts; mix, and freeze as the others.

Burnt Almond Ice Cream

Make as burnt filbert ice.

Chocolate Ice

One quart of cream, six ounces of chocolate, and ten ounces of sugar; dissolve the chocolate in a little water, or make the sugar into a syrup, and dissolve it by putting it on the side of the stove, or over the fire; add the cream and eggs, and make it into a custard as before; when cold, freeze.