Rock Of Alicante, Spanish Almonds

Clarify honey, and stir into it as many blanched almonds as you can entangle. Leave it to cool. This makes a pretty crystaline ornament for the dessert; it is also called Rock of Gibraltar.

Almond Wafers

Take a pound of sweet almonds, blanch and pound them, add a pound of powder-sugar, a pinch of orange-flowers pralinte, put them into a basin, and moisten them with a sufficient quantity of whites of eggs to enable you to spread the paste on wafer paper with the blade of a knife (the wafer paper must be rubbed with virgin wax and sweet oil); lay the preparation on as thin as possible; chop some sweet almonds very small, mix them with sugar, and strew them over the wafers and put them into a hot oven; when about half baked, take them out and cut them in squares; replace them a minute in the oven, take them out again, and press them on a stick to give them the proper form; as soon as they are cold, put them on a sieve. Just before they are served they should be slightly warmed.

Green Almond Compote

Take the peel very carefully from your almonds, and put them with water on the fire till they are tender; then take them off and add a little more water; when nearly cold put them on the fire again, but do not let them boil; as soon as you find the head of a pin will penetrate easily, they are then sufficiently done, and may be thrown into cold water; and when the fruit is quite cold, drain them. In the meantime put some clarified sugar on the fire, and when it boils put in the almonds; boil them in the sugar about twenty times, then remove them, and let the almonds stand to take the sugar: in about two hours' time put them on the fire again, and boil them up a dozen times; after which, take them off, skim, and let them cool. When quite cool drain and put the fruit in a compotier. If the sugar should not be sufficiently done, boil as much more as you may think necessary; squeeze in the juice of an orange, boil it once again, and when nearly cold strain it through a cloth into the compotier over the almonds.

Green Almond Nonpareils

Drain some green almonds that have been preserved in brandy; dip them one by one in sugar prepared au casse, and roll them in white, or any other colored nonpareils, and dry thm in a stove, or gentle oven.

Almond (Green) Preserved

Put some water into a saucepan, with two handfuls of bran, and when it has boiled up twice, throw in some green almonds; let them boil up once, then take them out with a skimmer, and rub them well in your hands to take off the down; as you do this, throw them into cold water; then boil them in water till, on pricking them, a pin easily enters and they shrink: then clarify some sugar, a pound to a pound of fruit; boil up the sirup four or five successive days, morning and evening, without the fruit, which you leave to drain upon a sieve; lastly, put the fruit into a pan, and when rather more than lukewarm, pour the sirup over it; when they look very green they are sufficiently done.