Burnt Almond Conserve

Blanch and cut six ounces of sweet almonds into small strips, lay them on paper and put them into an oven; when they are brown.

Take them out, and throw them into two pounds of sugar boiled to petit casse, stir the mixture well until it begins to blow, end then pour it into paper cases or moulds.

English Fashion Almonds

Mix almonds and filberts sca'ded in equal quantities; chop one half very fine, cut the rest each into two or three slices; put the whole in double their weight of sugar, prepared by boiling it with some lemon-peel rasped; stir the almonds very well in the sugar, taking it off the fire, and add one or two whites of eggs; pour it in paper large enough to contain the whole, and cut it in slices for use as you think proper, when baked as usual.

Almond Fraze

Blanch a pound of Jordan almonds, and sleep them in a pint of cream, ten yolks, and four whites of eggs; take out the almonds and pound them fine in a marble mortar; then mix them again in the cream and eggs, put in sugar and grated bread, and stir them all together; then put some fresh butter into the pan, let it be hot and pour it in, stirring it in the pan till they are of a sufficient consistence; and when enough, turn it into a dish, strew sugar over it, and serve it up.

Almond Fritters

Blanch three quarters of a pound of sweet almonds, pour over them three table-spoonfuls of rose water, and in a quarter of an hour a pint of cream; let them stand two or three hours, then pound them in a mortar till they become quite a paste; add the beaten yolks of six eggs, two or three pounded Naples biscuit; sweeten with pounded loaf sugar, and mix all well together; melt a quarter of a pound of fresh butter in a frying-pan, and when hot, pour in the mixture, and stir it constantly till thick, and of a light brown color. Serve it with sifted loaf sugar over the top.

Almond Brown Gingerbread

Beat a quarter of a pound of blanched almonds with thin gum-water, a few drops of lemon-juice, a little powdered cinnamon, and some ginger finely grated and seered to give it a brown color; sweeten and smooth it well, roll it out thin, and cut it into squares; dry it in a stove or before the fire.

Almond Iceing For Bride Cake

The whites of six eggs, a pound and a half of double-refined sugar, a pound of Jordan almonds blanched and pounded with a little rose water; mix altogether and whisk it well for an hour or two, lay it over the cake and put it in the oven.

Bitter Almond Macaroons

Take a pound of bitter almonds, rub them well in a clean cloth, and beat them to a caste with the whites of three or four eggs; then put them into an earthen pan with three pounds of powder-sugar, mix them together well, and if the paste should be too dry, moisten it with white of egg. Drop it on sheets of paper in lumps about the size of a walnut, and bake them in a close, gentle oven.

Sweet Almond Macaroons

Are done in the same way. But two pounds of sugar are sufficient for a pound of almonds.

Almond Milk Soup

Take half a pound of sweet almonds, put them on the fire with some water until near boiling, then blanch and throw them into fresh water; drain and pound them. Boil a pint of water, a litte sugar, salt, cinnamon, coriander, and lemon-peel, for a quarter of an hour, and rub the almonds through a sieve to this. Lay some slices of toasted bread in a dish, and pour the milk of almonds on it, as hot as possible without boiling.

Almond Rice

Blanch sweet almonds, and pound them in a marble mortar; mix them in a little boiling water; press them as long as there is milk in the almonds, adding fresh water every time; to every quart of almond-juice, put a quarter of a pound of rice and two teaspoonsful of orange flower water; mix them all together, and simmer it over a slow charcoal fire; stir it repeatedly, and when done, sweeten it at pleasure; serve it with beaten cinnamon strewed over.

Bitter Almond Rolls

Blanch and pound eight ounces of almonds five of sweet and three of bitter) to a very fine paste; then place eight ounces of flour on your slab; make a hole in the middle, and put into it eight ounces of powder-sugar, the yolks of four eggs, and a grain of salt; mix them all well together into a firm smooth paste; roll it out and cut it into four equal parts; roll each piece to the same length; cut them into pieces about the size of a walnut, and form them to the shape of a wild turnip, and as yon do them put them on a baking-tin lightly buttered; dorez them and bake them of a proper color in a moderate oven. When they are taken from the oven, let them stand a little while to dry.

Almond Tumbles

Blanch and pound three ounces of almonds very fine, when almost beaten enough, take the white of an egg beaten to froth, one pound of double-refined sugar well beaten, and put it in by degrees, working it into a paste with your hands, roll it out and halve it on buttered plates in a hot oven.

Almond Cream

Blanch and pound to a paste, with rose water, six ounces of almonds, mix them with a pint and a half of cream which has been boiled with the peel of a small lemon; add two well-beaten eggs, and stir the whole over the fire till it be thick, taking care not to allow it to boil; sweeten it, and when nearly cold, stir in a table-spoonful of orange-flower or rose water