The best parts for this purpose, are the leg or shin, or a piece of the middle of a brisket of beef, of about seven or eight pounds' weight; lay it on a fish drainer, or when you take it up, put a slice under it, which will enable you to place it on the dish entire; put it into a souppot or deep stewpan, with cold water enough to cover it, and a quart over, set it on a quick fire to get the scum up, which remove as it rises; then put in two carrots, two turnips, two leeks, or two large onions, two heads of celery, two or three cloves, and a faggot of parsley and sweet herbs; set the pot by the side of the fire to simmer very, till the meat is just tender enough to eat; this will require about four or five hours.

Put a large carrot, a turnip, a large onion, and a head or two of celery, into the soup whole, - take them out as soon as they are done enough, lay them on a dish till they are cold, then cut them into small squares: - when the Beef is done, take it out carefully, - strain the Soup through a hair sieve into a clean stewpan, take off the fat, and put the vegetables that are cut into the soup, the flavor of which you may heighten, by adding a table-spoonful of mushroom ketchup.

If a Thickened Soup is preferred, take four large table-spoonfuls of the clear fat from the top of the pot, and four spoonfuls of flour; mix it smooth together, then by degrees stir it well into the soup, which simmer for ten minutes longer' at least, - skim it well and pass it through a tamis, or fine sieve, and add the vegetables and seasoning the same as directed in the clear soup.

Keep the beef hot, and send it up (as a remove to the soup) with finely chopped parsley sprinkled on the top, and a sauce-boat of Wow Wow sauce.