Bread Sauce (1)

Boil, in a pint of water, the crumb of a French roll or of a slice of bread, a minced onion, and some whole pepper. When the onion is tender, drain off the water, pick out the peppercorns, and rub the bread through a sieve; then put it into a saucepan, with a gill of cream, a bit of butter, and a little salt. Stir it till it boil, and serve it in a sauce-tureen.

Bread Sauce (2)

Mix, in rather more than half a pint of milk or water, a slice of grated bread, a dessert-spoonful of potato flour, a small onion pounded, a bit of butter the size of a walnut, a few whole pepper corns, a little mace, and salt. Boil it well, pick out the spices, and mix it smooth. Serve quite hot.

Bread Sauce (3)

Put a small tea-cup ful of bread crumbs into a stewpan, pour on it as much milk as it will soak up, and a little more; or instead of the milk, take the giblets, head, neck, and legs, etc. of the poultry, etc. and stew them, and moisten the bread with this liquor; put it on the fire with a middling-sized onion, and a dozen berries of pepper or allspice, or a little mace; let it boil, then stir it well, and let it simmer till it is quite stiff, and then put to it about two table-spoonfuls of cream or melted butter, or a little good broth; take out the onion and pepper, and it is ready.


This is an excellent accompaniment to game and poultry.